An Open Letter to Sam Heughan

Dear Sam, 

We want to thank you for the irreplaceable part you play in bringing OUTLANDER to life. Not only is the story so special to us, but it has given us the opportunity to re-establish a friendship that had nearly fallen by the wayside in the chaos of everyday life.

This is the story of three girls - Amy D., Glenda, and Amy E. - whose journey began in the 1980s and continues to this day, in large part due to OUTLANDER.

A bit in the way of introduction… Amy D., Glenda, and Amy E. have known each other since elementary school. They were close all the way through high school. Then they graduated. They went to college… the same one, but still it was difficult to stay connected. Glenda went to law school and became a criminal defense attorney, climbing the ranks and eventually becoming one of four division directors for the Department of Public Advocacy in Kentucky. Amy D. and Amy E. went on to get married, go to graduate school, have three kids a piece, and start careers.

To say it was hard to keep in touch is an understatement.

In 2003, shortly after the birth of her second child, Amy D. read OUTLANDER. She was overwhelmed by the story - its beauty, its romance, its tragedy, and its triumph. As was her habit, she called Glenda immediately to ask if she’d read this amazing book. Glenda had not. So Amy D. passed the book on to her. And thus began their obsession with Jamie, Claire, and all things OUTLANDER.

Fast forward to 2014. After a divorce and remarriage, Amy E. had moved back to her hometown, where Amy D. and Glenda still resided. As the premier of the OUTLANDER television series approached, Amy D. and Glenda became more and more excited. They invited Amy E., who had not read the books, to watch the first episode with them, and instantly she was hooked.

And so, every Saturday evening became “girls’ night”. All week long, the three girls would text and plan the menu, deciding who would bring what dish to the party. And every Saturday night, after a meal prepared by friends, for friends, and shared with friends, Amy D., Glenda, and Amy E. would watch OUTLANDER together.

This tradition continued with the second half of season 1, and all of season 2, But not only that! In between seasons, the girls make the effort to find time to be together, to feed the friendship that had for so long been on the back-burner. In short, OUTLANDER has brought back together three friends who had been separated by the crazy schedules that accompany jobs, families, and the general circumstances of life.

We are Amy D., Glenda, and Amy E. We cannot imagine the pressure of playing Jamie Fraser, the man who millions of women have idolized and fantasized about for over 25 years. Your portrayal of the “King of Men” has been nothing short of perfection, and we are so happy that you are the one to bring him to life. 

In recent days, we’ve seen the ridiculousness of some “fans” (if you can call them that) who continually try to invade your private life, attack those you care about, and impose their own imaginings of what and who you should be onto Sam, because of their inability to realize that Jamie is fiction and Sam is a real human being. We are so sorry that there are idiots in the world. We hope you realize that even though these obnoxious people exist, the VAST majority of your fans and fans of the show are just like us… just women (and men, too!) who’ve been captivated by this story for years and who have reveled in seeing it brought to the screen. 

For the three of us, OUTLANDER could not have happened at a better time, as the stress of life… of sending a first-born son off to college, of watching the first-born daughter start to date, of working for a government agency fraught with red tape and redundancy… began to take their toll on us and make us forget what made us US.

So, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Thank you for being the face of Jamie Fraser and being a part of a story that we look so forward to each season and each episode. Thank you for being part of the show that brought us back together and made us realize that to STAY together we had to make the effort and the time.

Thank you, Sam. Your work on this show is more than entertainment… it is an affirmation of friendship… and it is part of the glue that keeps camaraderie and fellowship alive for us (and many, many others).

With much love and admiration,           
Amy Durham
Glenda Edwards
Amy England


  1. Wonderful tribute to Sam, as a human being and how Jamie, the fictional character have played a pivotal role in your friendship. Very touching! Thanks for sharing.

  2. such a wonderful testament to friendship and honoring a well deserved actor!!! truly