GABE'S SECRET - coming tomorrow!

I'd like to take a moment to tell you a little about Gabe Jenkins and Rachelle Taya, and invite you to take advantage of a free promo on ASHER'S MARK (book 1) and a discounted price on GABE'S SECRET (book 2).

Gabe and Rachelle are two young adults, twenty-three and twenty-one respectively, whose lives turned them into adults long before age did. Their childhoods were sprinkled with many things... love and belonging, along with violence and fear... and those things shape their personalities, making both of them cautious in their adult lives.

But together, they find safety and comfort, even when the ugliness of their past threatens their present happiness.

They're both foodies (like me!), and throughout the book they enjoy a variety of different cuisines together. They both love their moms. And, like in ASHER'S MARK, there's a tattoo that means something special!

I hope you'll take the journey with Gabe and Rachelle, and celebrate with them when their happiness is complete at last. Familiar faces from ASHER'S MARK pop up as well, and we get a peek into the romance between Asher & Grace that began in book 1.

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Happy reading & writing!

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