Coming soon - GABE'S SECRET

Gabe Jenkins has a secret...

Nobody knows that Gabe Jenkins comes from money... and from scandal. And he wants to keep it that way. He's perfectly happy managing Ugly Mug, a coffee shop in Flagstaff, Arizona, leaving his trust fund untouched and his past in Kansas City buried.

That is, until Rachelle Taya finds herself in desperate need of money.

Rachelle comes from nothing. The daughter of a single mother who barely scraped enough together to keep them fed, Rachelle knows the meaning of hard work and hard times. Finally standing on her own two feet, the last thing she wants is charity. From anyone.

Gabe's had his eye on Rachelle for some time. Tired of waiting for her to get the hint, Gabe steps up his game. Their romance is just beginning when news of Rachelle's long-absent, no-good father surfaces, drowning her mother in a major financial crisis. Gabe has the means to make her problems go away, but that will mean revealing the truth about his family. Can he find a way to help without divulging his past or bruising Rachelle's pride?

And when the truth is finally exposed, will their love be destroyed by Gabe's secret?

GABE'S SECRET is book #2 in the Resolution series. It is a stand-alone New Adult contemporary romance. It will release this spring at all online retailers.

ASHER'S MARK, book #1 in the series, is available now at Amazon, and can be downloaded ABSOLUTELY FREE from 2/26 - 2/28.

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