THE FIRST LASTS: Starting School


Today I'm beginning a new blog series called "THE FIRST LASTS", which will be a very personal journey for me as I share with you the experiences and emotions of my oldest son's senior year of high school.

It occurred to me recently that this will be a year of "lasts" for our family... our first-born's last first day of school with his brothers, his last competitive marching band season, his last high school report cards, his last birthday and holidays celebrated as a non-college student, his last day of high school. All these "lasts" will eventually lead to an exciting first... his first day of college and the first step in the next chapter of his life.

This weekend, my Facebook feed is full of posts and pictures of parents moving their kids to college, many for the first time. As I told my husband this morning... "That's going to be us next year." Of course there's quite a potent mix of emotions at that thought, and that's where the idea for this blog series came from. As a mom and a young adult & new adult author, I decided that chronicling this journey in writing could be both therapeutic and informative, for me, and maybe even for others who are experiencing (or will experience) this shift in the life of their family. And as our family is experiencing this shift for the FIRST time (with our oldest), I'm calling this series THE FIRST LASTS.

So today, I start with the first of our "lasts"... his last first day of school with his brothers.

I've never been one of those moms that grieves as my kids get older. I didn't cry at their first day of kindergarten, first middle school dance, or any of the other milestones we've gone through. Not that I don't feel all those nostalgic feelings, because I certainly do. But I've always been of the mind that I would celebrate each new stage of their lives and try not to be sad about the stages they've left behind. I'm sure I'll be reminding myself of that a lot this year.

True to form, I didn't cry at their last first day of school together. Instead, we took pictures, acted silly, and sent them all off to school... the oldest driving himself and the middle guy (who's in middle school)! And though I didn't tear up, I did take a moment to appreciate this day, and be grateful for all the previous first days of school. I'm so honored and humbled to have the privilege of mothering these boys. The knowledge that this time next year I'll be sending my oldest out into the world to blaze his own way is both melancholy and exciting... but mostly it's exciting... because after all, that's what we've raised him for, right? To go out into the world, be independent of us, and make his own way and build his own future.

So, as I begin this year of "first lasts", the thing I feel most is excitement. He's a talented young man with big dreams and the will to work hard to make them happen. I'm going to enjoy every moment of his journey.

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  1. I cried at Kindergarten with my first. But after that I had a similar attitude as you. It's a celebration each new step they make toward their own life. Something to celebrate because if God had intended them to remain babies, he'd have given us the fountain of youth to keep them there. Your boys are all so handsome and have grown so much since the last time I saw them. Their individual personalities just shine through your photographs.