7 Things for 7 Days - March Birthdays - #7Things7Days

I love March. It's the start of SPRING! It's also my birth month. So for this weeks #7Things7Days, I'm sharing a few notable March birthdays!


Patricia Heaton
Who could forget Debra of "Everybody Loves Raymond"? The show seriously makes me lough out loud every time I catch a re-run! Heaton was born on March 4.

Bryan Cranston
Walter White himself was born on March 7. I admit, I binge-watched "Breaking Bad" during the winter of 2014. I can't see Bryan Cranston without hearing the words "I am the one who knocks!"

Matthew Gray Gubler
My favorite geek, Dr. Spencer Reid on "Criminal Minds", was born on March 9. The phrase "Talk nerdy to me" definitely applies here.

Carrie Underwood
Born on March 10, she wasn't my choice to win season 4 of "American Idol", but I'll admit... I was wrong. She is awesome!

Ansel Elgort
The guy who brought Augustus Waters to life was born on March 14. His performance might not have garnered as much attention as that of his leading lady, but I loved him just as much as her!

Adam Levine
Marron 5's front man was born on March 18. He's known as a heartthrob, but he's also insanely talented!

Harry Houdini
The man whose last name is know used as a verb and/or adjective meaning to escape was born on March 24!

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