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Last week's 7 Things for 7 Days inspired the hubby and I to plan a "Kentucky" vacation for this summer, and show our boys some of the really cool, beautiful places our state has to offer. Which means... some time in mid-June, I'll do a few blog posts about our adventures, complete with pictures!

For this week's #7Things7Days, I hope to inspire you and your week with some POSITIVE news stories. We see SO MUCH bad news that sometimes it's easy to forget that there really is good news out there. You just have to dig for it. So I did.


1. A Close-Up of the Sun - Science is cool y'all. I'm no science genius, but I'm glad for those who are! This time-lapse video of NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory gives us a powerful and magnificent glimpse at the sun. Seriously... watch the video!

2. 600 Kids Sing The Star-Spangled Banner  - Kentucky choir students have a 25+ year tradition. Each February, the 600+ students who've been selected as All-State Chorus members stay in the Hyatt Regency in downtown Louisville during the days they are rehearsing for their performance. Each night, just before their curfew, they come out on their balconies and sing the National Anthem. The hotel is 18 floors of an atrium design, resulting in amazing acoustics for this annual tradition.

3. 64 Year-old Recovers Treasured Memories - A Goodwill employee finds a stack of decades-old love letters and returns them to the addressee, who happens to be a 64 year-old woman suffering from a failing memory... possibly dementia or another similar disorder. What follows are jogged memories, bringing the woman so much joy, as well as a sweet friendship between her and the Goodwill employee. Get a hankie ready, folks!

4. The Breakfast Club Returns to Theaters - To celebrate the 30 year anniversary of it's release, this classic will return to theaters for a limited time in March, hopefully introducing a whole new generation to Claire, Bender, Andy, Brian, and Allison.

5. Kidney Transplant Leads to True Love - She heard about a young man who needed a kidney transplant. Amazingly, she was a match, even though the majority of living kidney transplant matches come from a blood relative. Then, they fell in love. What a great story!

6. Community Restoration - An innovative way to breathe life back into the neighborhoods and communities in Detroit... everything from helping the homeless to establishing community theater. Good stuff.

7. Silent Teen Finds Voice with Music -  A teen who hadn't spoken in over a decade gets involved in a summer music program. The effects are miraculous. Music really does heal.

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