7 Things for 7 Days - #7Things7Days - Words

I love words! Especially really interesting and unique ones. So for my very first "7 Things for 7 Days", I thought under-used words would be a great place to start! Here are a few fun, interesting, and under-used words to start your week off right!

1. PERSIFLAGE - Frivolous or bantering talk
              ~ You know, like most reality shows and talk shows
2. MIASMA - A vaporous, noxious atmosphere 
             ~ Such a pretty word for such a nasty concept!
3. POPINJAY - A strutting or conceited person 
             ~ We all know a few of these!
4. APRICITY - The warmth of the sun during the winter 
             ~ We could use a little of this in mid-January.
5. SMICKER - To look or smile amorously at a person 
            ~ I may have to work this one into one of my books!
6. BIFFY - A toilet or outhouse 
           ~ Imagine excusing yourself from the dinner table with, "Excuse me while I visit the biffy."
7. UVULA - That thing that hangs down in the back of your throat
           ~ All I can think of is that Andy Griffith Show episode and Barney saying "You got a uvula.            
             They got uvula. I got a uvula. All God's children got a uvula!"

Thanks for letting me expand your vocabulary today. You are now challenged to use these 7 words during the next 7 days, when you'll hopefully come back for 7 new fun things to start your week!

Happy reading & writing!

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