Yesterday (Saturday, June 7) I took off my "author hat" - and put on my "fangirl" hat - and attended the Nashville Author Event. Held at the Musicians Hall of Fame in downtown Nashville, it was an absolutely FABULOUS event! My bestie, Glenda, and I enjoyed the day so much that we felt like college girls again. Until this morning (Sunday, June 8), when I woke up with quite a large "fun hangover". If you're unfamiliar with that term, it means a 40 year-old woman who fangirled all day like a 20 year old. No alcohol was involved, although there was some really yummy coffee, delicious lunch, and sweet dessert from the Frothy Monkey coffee shop. Followed by several hours of book/reader/author/musician HEAVEN. Despite my body reminding me the following morning me that it isn't 20 anymore, I wouldn't trade a moment of our spectacular girls' day out!

There were SO many highlights during the course of the day, not the least of which was meeting a super nice lady from Evansville, Indiana as we stood in line to register and meet the authors. We had such great conversations as we waited for the line to move, but somehow, I forgot to get her name. Terrible manners, I know. I think the heat in the place was affecting my brain (because, GEEZ, was it hot in there)! I did however manage to give her my web address, so if you are reading this and you are the nice lady from Evansville, please be sure to email me at amybdurham@gmail.com so we can stay in touch! And I hope you and your husband enjoyed the rest of your stay in Nashville!

Below are a few pictures of the rest of the highlights of the day. These are all SLAMMING AWESOME New Adult authors that I highly recommend - to readers 17/18 and over. 

My FAVES of hers: "Maybe Someday" & "Hopeless"
(both of which I stayed up WAY past my normal bedtime to finish!)

Me with Cora Carmack
Can't wait to read her new college football book, "All Lined Up"

Me with Jay Crownover
LOVE her "Marked Men" series

Also at the event was musician Griffin Peterson and his band. He partnered with Colleen Hoover on the book "Maybe Someday". The two main characters in that book are musicians who wind up writing songs together. Throughout the course of the book, you see their love develop in the lyrics they write together. I LOVED this book, but what made it even cooler was the fact that the songs the two characters wrote together weren't just words on the page... they were available on iTunes (and other places)! Griffin's work on the music to go along with this book is just fantastic. It's the kind of "groove" I really like these days - folky/bluesy rock. I've recommended it to several people already, but after seeing him perform live, I'll recommend it even more! Here's a snapshot of him during the performance, and one of me with him and the band - Griffin on the far right. (Again... reminding myself that I am 40, not 20!)

And finally... a shot of my lovely Hazelnut White Mocha and Peach Hand Pie at the Frothy Monkey. If you're even in downtown Nashville, check them out. Local ingredients, lots of breakfast, brunch, and lunch selections, and a really cool vibe!

And now... to continue my recovery, so that some time down the road I can do it all over again!

Happy reading and writing!

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