#SnippetSunday - ASHER'S MARK (#NA #Romance)

Welcome back to another Snippet Sunday! It's a gorgeous Memorial Day weekend here in KY, and I hope wherever you are, you are enjoying this weekend as well.

Today's excerpt again comes from my current work-in-progress, ASHER'S MARK. My last snippet was in Asher's point of view, as he decided to draw something special for Grace before he leaves to go away to college. So, for today, I thought I'd give you a bit of Grace's point of view from the scene when Asher gives her the drawing. You get a description of PART of the drawing, but not the whole thing. Grace figures out later that the drawing holds far more meaning than she originally thought, and it helps bring about the resolution at the end of the book. So... you only get HALF of the drawing described today! Don't want to ruin the surprise!


The picture reveals itself slowly, and as the last edge unrolls, it's all my eyes can do to take in the beauty of it. 
"Asher," I say softly, as my lungs struggle to take in enough oxygen. "Wow." 
It's me. The entire left side of the drawing is me. He captured me from the shoulders up, my face turned to the side. My gaze is fixed on something far away... something I long for... something I love. It's the exact way I feel in my heart every time I look at Asher. 
And he's captured it perfectly, even though he knows none of what I feel.

Check back regularly for more snippets, and watch for the release date (which I hope will be before the end of summer). Hopefully you'll want to read the book to find out what's on the RIGHT side of that drawing and what it all means!

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Happy reading & writing!


  1. Aaaah, I bet he does know some of what she feels.
    If he does, you've got a story.
    If he doesn't, you've got a great story!
    Well done.

  2. well, maybe he does know how she feels after all, even though not consciously :-) great snippet !!

  3. I'm betting he knows. Wonderful snippet!!

  4. Beautifully written. I can feel her awe at the drawing. (And I want to know what's on the other half!)

  5. Oh that's gorgeous. The emotion just pours ff the page to the reader - wonderful excerpt!

  6. Very nice! I bet he does know a little bit.

  7. Beautifully done, Amy. You've captured the emotion in just a few words. I pictured it perfectly. Nicely done.

  8. This is beautifully written---and I love the does he/doesn't he know question. Can't wait to find out!

  9. Very well done! I agree, you captured her emotion so well!

  10. Well, maybe he knows and that's his way of telling her it's alright.