#Snippet Sunday: FOR ONCE #Excerpt

Happy Sunday, everyone! It's a gorgeous day here in Kentucky, and I'm thrilled to be able to share with you a snippet from FOR ONCE: A Sky Cove Short Story. This short story is #1.5 in the Sky Cove series, taking place after ONCE AGAIN (Sky Cove #1), and running simultaneously with the first half of ONCE AND FOR ALL (Sky Cove #2).

Walking over to the mirror above my dresser I regarded my reflection. There was nothing wrong with the way I looked. I knew I wasnt ugly. Logically I knew that plain brown hair and glasses meant nothing when it came to the true nature of a person. But lets face it. Those characteristics signified a wide chasm that kept girls like me forever separate from boys like Will Harlow. 
Will was not a shallow person. He would never be mean or intentionally hurtful. But what hed said was right. We just werent on the same playing field. We had nothing in common, except for our friends. What in the world would we talk about if we went on a date? He could probably care less about Newtons Laws and I was completely ignorant when it came to sports. 
Maybe if I lost the glasses and put on a little more eye make-up. And somewhere in my closet I had to have something better than the ever-present sweater.
No, no, no, no! I was not changing my appearance for a guy. That was what desperate girls did. I would not appear desperate. Not even for Will Harlow.

FOR ONCE is permanently FREE at Amazon, B&N, iBooks, & Kobo! All the Sky Cove books stand alone, so this free short story is the perfect way to introduce yourself to the series if you haven't already!

Also - ONCE AND FOR ALL is a finalist for Best Indie YA Book for the Indie Romance Convention!  The IRC Awards will be given in September, and I'm so excited and honored to be in the company of such amazing authors!


  1. I love her attitude! (I wish more women -- especially young women -- had it.

  2. She's analyzed the situation to such a degree, it's obvious that Will Harlow has her attention if not her heart. Very nice writing.

  3. I'm getting your book today, and congrats on your nomination.

  4. I like her attitude, but I'm wondering whether he told her they weren't "on the same playing field" to her face, or if she overheard him talking to someone else?

    1. She overheard it... he was talking to his best friend. Because it's what she already believes, she doesn't consider the possibility that she could've misinterpreted his words ;)

  5. Cpngratulations on the nomination! I enjoyed the excerpt, glad she is't going to change for him but now I wonder how they will get together. Great snippet!

  6. She could have totally misinterpreted what he said. And I suspect she doesn't need to change a thing.