Amy's Top 10 Book Snacks & Drinks

What do I enjoy when settling in with a good book?

10. Coke, from a glass bottle if you can get it, poured over ice... because if I'm going to splurge on a soft drink, I want it to be the best!
9. Lemonade, especially if it's summer... because... well, who really needs a reason to have lemonade in the summer time?
8. Popcorn, preferably air-popped with a bit of real butter melted over the top... because hey... a book is better than a movie, so you might as well have popcorn!
7. M&M's, whatever variety you like... because they don't melt in your hand, so you won't have to worry about chocolate smudges on your pages or e-reader.
6. Hot chocolate, homemade... because homemade is just as easy as using a package and WAY better!
5. Brie cheese and a good quality cracker... because I will take any excuse or occasion to have Brie!
4. Sweet iced tea, any time of the year... because I'm southern and it's a southern thing.
3. Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies, preferably the chocolate orange variety. I especially love these for breakfast, because if I'm lucky enough to be settling in with a book first thing in the morning, it's a great day that deserves a celebration!
2. Strawberries, dipped in chocolate, dipped in sugar, or just plain... because strawberries are delicious any time!
1. COFFEE... always! Any time of the year, coffee is the perfect drink to go along with a good book. Iced coffee, hot coffee, flavored coffee... whatever your particular preference is, it goes best with a fantastic book!

If you'd like the chance to win a pound of GREAT coffee, from the local coffee roaster in my hometown, Harden Coffee, comment below and tell me what snack or drink you enjoy with a good book! All week long, anyone who comments on my blog posts will be entered to win. So be sure to check back tomorrow to see what new post is here to comment on!

Happy reading & writing!


  1. Coffee. The answer is always coffee. Lately I've been wanting to eat pomegranates while eating, but that's the worst idea ever.

  2. Coffee or a steaming cup of Earl Gray with a touch of honey and lemon!

  3. Coffee with some great creamer or some tea with honey in my favorite chair... :-)

  4. I'd love me some lemonade. Guess I'm the only comment that would never choose coffee. Nice list Amy.

  5. I have to say I agree with almost everything, especially #5 about the brie cheese and crackers. You have great taste! I'm not from the South, so I've never understood sweet tea. I'm from Arizona, where we brewed our tea in the sun and drank it straight. I still drink it straight up, over ice. In my mind, tea, coffee, and books are a natural combo.

    1. Sweet tea is definitely a Southern thing! In the summer of 2012, my husband and 3 boys and I drove from KY to San Diego. It was a great adventure! We are tea drinkers, and my middle son REALLY likes sweet tea. We spent the night in Flagstaff AZ the night before we headed to the Grand Canyon. We ate dinner at Salsa Brava that night, and when the waiter was taking our drink orders, he asked for sweet tea. The waiter said, "We only have unsweet tea." Well, my son looked so forlorn! We told him, "You're not in the South anymore. The tea's not sweet out here!" He was sorely disappointed. However, later in our vacation, we ate at a CiCi's Pizza in San Diego, and there was sweet tea in their fountain drink dispenser. I think he drank 7 glasses of tea that day! :)