Character Names - #Giveaway # 1

One of my favorite things about writing is getting to name the characters. It's not always an easy task, because I want to pick names that fit the personalities I envision for the characters. Below is a list of character names for DUSK, and brief description of their personalities. I hope you'll decide to pick up a copy of DUSK and find out more about these characters!

Zoe - heroine, overcome by grief and guilt
Adrian - hero, biker, always knows just what to do
Vivian - Zoe's best friend, quirky & sensitivie
Nikki - rebellious teen, wealthy & entitled
Courtney - rebellious teen, not privileged like Nikki
Mr. Harvey - Zoe's favorite teacher
Principal Burton - High school principal, all business
Daniel - friend of Zoe
Nick - friend of Zoe
Andrea - friend of Zoe
Donna - Zoe's mom, frustrated with her daughter
Maggie - Adrian's aunt, baker/caterer

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  1. Looking forward to reading your new book! I have loved the Sky Cover series and can't wait to see what is in store for you new story Dusk.