New Year's Eve #Excerpt - DUSK (#YA, #Paranormal, #Romance)

Happy Tuesday everyone! And Happy New Year's Eve!

Today, I'm sharing a bit of a "teaser" from my upcoming release, "Dusk". This snippet comes from pretty early in the book, when our main character, Zoe, has a nasty hangover after a night of underage drinking with two of her classmates. At one point in her process of waking up, she imagines a hot guy in her bedroom, sitting on her beanbag. (At least, she THINKS she's imagined him!) When she looks back at the beanbag only to find him gone, she's a bit disappointed... and it triggers an even more intense emotional reaction. Enjoy!

     Glancing at my beanbag, I half hoped to find my dark-headed guy again. Of course, he was not there. Just as well. If I’d been drunk enough to bring home some random guy I’d be in way more trouble than I already was. Dad would’ve freaked out to find a guy in my bedroom.   

     And just like that, the ache returned and settled like a ton of concrete on my chest. Dad couldn’t freak out anymore, because he was dead. And the truth was, after everything that had happened before he died, I wouldn’t have listened to him anyway. 
    Simultaneous guilt and grief was a nasty combination.

 Will Zoe ever be able to overcome the tragedy that rocked her family, or will self-destructive behavior ruin her young life before she even has a chance to begin?

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Happy reading & writing!

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