Stuff To Know About Me if You're Gonna Be My BFF - #Maps

Introducing my new "Tuesday Post"...

Stuff To Know About Me If You're Gonna Be My BFF

Random, trivial, interesting, useless facts about... you guessed it... ME! I figure, somewhere out there are people I have things in common with, and perhaps a few of them will find me here!

So here goes. 

Random Fact #1:  I LOVE MAPS. 

I mean, I seriously LOVE them. I can look at a map or a road atlas for no reason. I just enjoy looking at them. I like the quirky names of small towns. I like seeing how far point A is from point B. And if I'm traveling, a GPS is just not enough. I want to actually SEE where I am at any given point. I get this from my mother. I grew up seeing her look at the road atlas in the front seat of the car when we traveled. She was a good navigator for my dad when he was driving. And now, I'm a good navigator for my husband. In fact, we took my parents along with us on the trip to New Orleans that I wrote about yesterday. It was cool to introduce them to the city we love so much. Funny thing though... as we were about to pull out of the driveway, someone said, "Do we have an atlas?" Mom said, "No!" and hurried back into the house to get one. As she returned to the car and buckled up, she looked back at me and asked, "Do you think one will be enough?" I laughed, and said, "Probably not. We should get another!" I was joking, of course, and we managed to share the atlas throughout the trip. Several times my boys would ask to see the atlas. Perhaps they're inheriting our love of maps!

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  1. Kindred spirit! I too LOVE maps. Thanks for sharing :)