My Life List #1

I'm taking the advice of one of my former students and making LIFE LIST.

Most people call it a "bucket list", but when he was given this assignment by one of his high school teachers, she referred to it as a "Life List". Makes more sense, I think. Why wait until you're about to kick the bucket before you do and see and experience all the things you dream of?

So... I've decided to do a blog series about my "Life List". From time to time I'll post a few items, and maybe get the discussion rolling or the wheels turning for some of my readers!

I'm pushing forty these days, so I've done a lot of things that would've been on my list at the age of 18. I'm married. I've had my children. I've seen the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans. I've gotten a tattoo... well, actually more than one. I've starred in local opera and musical productions. And the BIG ONE - I've published two books (with more on the way). But there are always things I dream of. Some I can make happen fairly easily. Some may take some planning and some finances. Some may be more of the "pie in the sky" dreams. And so what? Why not dream about the impossible things!

So, here we go! LIFE LIST #1

Travel to Ireland 
(This one is a big "duh" if you know me at all!)

Travel to Machu Picchu

See the Northern Lights from Alaska

Attend a live rock concert (And by rock, I mean someone like Mumford & Sons or The Avett Brothers)

Appear on a cooking show, either my own or as a guest on a celebrity chef's show

These are a few of my LIFE LIST items. There will be more to come! What are some of the things you'd put on your LIFE LIST?

Happy reading and writing!

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