Books & #Chocolate - What could be better?

A good book and some decadent chocolate... sounds like a perfect combo to me!

For my hubby's Father's Day celebration, I made "baked fudge", a recipe I saw Ree Drummond make on The Pioneer Woman. (Told you I love the Food Network! I not-so-secretly want to be her when I grow up!) These little ooey-gooey bowls of deliciousness were everything she promised! It's tough to describe the texture, because there are two contrasting textures... the gooey, creamy middle and the crunchy top. My middle son described it this way... "It's like a combination of mousse and a brownie, with a chocolate cracker on top." Pretty accurate description!

I followed the recipe exactly, except for one thing. I was a bit short on cocoa, so I tossed in about 1/2 tablespoon of mini chocolate chips, just to be sure it was chocolate-y enough. It worked! And I loved that the chocolate flavor was very "present", but also very subtle. Such a pleasant, sweet ending for our Father's Day meal!

I'm thinking that perhaps the next time I try this recipe, I'll add in a splash of coffee or maybe even raspberry extract in place of the vanilla. Although really... I LOVE pure vanilla extract.

You can click here to see Ree's recipe. I HIGHLY recommend it! It's easy, made with ingredients you probably have in your cupboard or pantry right now, and it's amazingly delicious enough that your family or guests will think you slaved over it!

Why not treat yourself this summer? Find a great book, settle in with a dish of "baked fudge" and enjoy! You'll be glad you did!

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