Dedication - ONCE AND FOR ALL

Writing is great fun. You get to make up characters, put them in crazy scenarios, help them overcome obstacles, and give them their happy ending. (At least in MY books the characters get a happy ending!)

But I  always try to put a little something more in my stories. A message. A lesson. A ray of hope.

I thought a lot about what message I wanted to send in ONCE AND FOR ALL, and I made an effort to weave that message through the story and all the things the characters experienced. In the end, I hope readers will recognize the message I tried to convey.

It can be summed up in the dedication of the book...

"To my boys... the remarkable musician, the budding artist, and the future drummer... may you find your places in this world and never sacrifice one bit of yourselves in the process. You are enough, exactly as you are."

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