#SixSunday - The Text That Could Change Everything

Welcome back for another Six Sentence Sunday! As always, I'm so appreciative of your encouraging comments. I look forward to visiting your blogs today, as well. 

I'm enjoying sharing bits of ONCE AND FOR ALL with you, in preparation for the release, sometime in the NEXT TWO WEEKS! In the meantime, if you haven't read ONCE AGAIN - book 1 in the series - you can check it out by clicking the links to the right. The books are stand-alones, but I think you'll enjoy them better if you read them in order, since characters from book 1 "pop up" in book 2!

Today's excerpt comes from near the end of the book. The big tragedy has occurred, and things between Todd and Phoebe are still very unsettled. Their joint art project has been completed, turned in, and graded. (They did great, by the way!) But everything about their feelings for each other and the very strange connection they have is still up in the air. So, it's a surprise whens she receives a text from him out of the blue!

He sat next to me in art class, but without the project tying us together, we had no reason for any private time.

He didn't pursue the issue of time together, and neither did I. I refused to make the next move

We were at an impasse.

So, as I pulled my navy hoodie over my yellow tee shirt that Friday morning, it was a surprise to receive a text from him.

Meet me in the parking lot? 10 minutes before school?

I refused to think about what this could mean, what he might want.

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  1. Which means she won't be able to quit thinking about it :) Interesting six, Amy! Good luck with your release.

  2. Great setup for the text, because without you even saying it, I could feel the angst he must have felt in typing that text out! Wonderful tension!

  3. Well she won't be able to stop thinking about it, nor will we until you satisfy our curiosity! I really like these two characters - another terrific excerpt!

  4. An intriguing turn! Very well set up within the six - pretty amazing for so few sentences. :c)