#SixSunday - Ridiculous Cute

Hey folks! It's Sunday again, and I'm so glad you're here to share in the Six Sunday fun! 

ONCE AND FOR ALL releases THIS week! If you haven't read ONCE AGAIN - book 1 in the series - you can check it out by clicking the links to the right. The books are stand-alones, but I think you'll enjoy them more if you read them in order, since characters from book 1 "pop up" in book 2!

Last week, we saw Phoebe receive a text from Todd, asking her to meet him in the school parking lot before school began. Unsure of what he could want, she tries not to speculate, especially after the previous two weeks of little to no contact between them. Near the end of the book, Phoebe wonders if there's any hope at all for the two of them.

And yet... her stomach still flutters when she sees him in the parking lot.

Ten minutes before school the parking lot was beginning to empty. The last few stragglers who didnt mind being tardy still hung around, but for the most part they kept to themselves.

Todd was already there, leaned up against the driver side door of his truck. The late February temperature had reached forty degrees, which, while not warm, was certainly better than the teens and twenties we enjoyed most of the winter.

His red jacket hung open over his Sky Cover Senior High Football sweatshirt, and his hair hadnt been cut in a while; the ends sort of curled up around his ears and neck. Ridiculous, how a guy could look even cuter with shaggy, unkempt hair.

If you'd liked to read more from other talented authors, visit the host site by clicking here. You can also find other participants on Twitter with the hashtag #SixSunday.

Don't forget to check back this week for the announcement of the book's release!!


  1. Oh yeah, give me the guy with the shaggy hair! Wish we'd gotten to the all important conversation, guess I'll need to buy the book LOL! Really enjoying this story, great six!

  2. Thanks to all how have (and who will) come by and comment! Do any of you know if there are any authors who plan to continue with SSS, even when the website closes after next week???? I'd be interested in continuing, if others are.

    1. Skye Warren had a list posted on her website last week for writers still interested in participating. I don't remember the exact link, but someone else might. Otherwise you can always keep using the #SixSunday twitter hashtag.

  3. Totally ridiculous and totally true, lol. Great 6. I love the look of your blog.

  4. There is something inexplicably hot about a guy with shaggy hair. Great six, Amy!

  5. Yeah, she's stuck on him. Question is though, is he worthy?

  6. I adore your description of him. I LOVE when my husband's hair gets like that, so I'm seeing all kinds of hotness right now!