#SixSunday - The Kiss

It's the final Six Sentence Sunday... :(

What a fun ride it's been! And I look forward to participating in a new Sunday activity with many of the same authors!

ONCE AND FOR ALL is set to release within the next week or so! If you haven't read ONCE AGAIN - book 1 in the series - you can check it out by clicking the links to the right. The books are stand-alones, but I think you'll enjoy them more if you read them in order, since characters from book 1 "pop up" in book 2!

Today, I'm sharing a bit from Phoebe & Todd's exchange in the school parking lot. If you've read my last two SSS posts, you know that their relationship is still "up in the air", and Phoebe is puzzled when she receives a text from Todd asking her to meet him in the parking lot before school. I've skipped the conversation that "resolves" their issues, and opted instead to give you... the kiss!  Enjoy!

     He framed my face with his hands, his thumbs tracing gentle lines on my cheeks. Tilting my chin up until our eyes met, he lowered his face, brushing his lips across mine, once, twice, until finally sinking in to the kiss.

     I forgot the chilly weather as the warmth of his kiss spread through me. Grasping handfuls of his shirt, I pulled myself closer. He wrapped his arms around me, his embrace, strong and sure, telling me he knew exactly what he was doing.

     When he ended the kiss, he didnt let go, but pulled back slightly and pressed his forehead against mine. 

If you'd liked to read more from other talented authors, visit the host site by clicking here. You can also find other participants on Twitter with the hashtag #SixSunday.

Don't forget to check back this week for the announcement of the book's release!!


  1. Oh, nice kiss. Good luck with Once Again. I'm glad I met you through SSS and will continue to follow your work.


  2. Kisses are hard to write, at least that's been my experience, but you've done a great job.

  3. Very, VERY nice kiss indeed. I like the way Todd doesn't quite let her go at the end. I've really enjoyed reading your Six Sentence Sunday excerpts, glad to hear you plan to keep posting! Best wishes!

  4. Such a tender moment and you captured it beautifully. Yeah for more Sunday posts :)

  5. Sweet and passionate! And thank you for the sweet comment on my blog! xo!

  6. "Sinking into the kiss" ... OMG. BEAUTIFUL!