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My amazing writers group, Kentucky Independent Writers, has created a "sampler" featuring 9 of our authors, and we want to offer it to EVERYONE for FREE!

However, in order for Amazon to list a book as free, they require readers to tell them that it's free at other retailers. So... if you have time today, could you help us let Amazon know that our sampler is free for Kobo?

Here's what you do... click HERE to take you to our book's page on Amazon:

Then, scroll down to the "Product Details" section. There will be a blue link that says "tell us about a lower price." Click that link and a box will pop up. Choose "Website Online". The box will expand and ask for a URL. Copy and paste THIS into that area. In the boxes for price and shipping costs, enter $0.00, then click "submit feedback". That's it. Just a couple of clicks and a copy/paste and you can help us make our sampler FREE on Amazon! 

Meanwhile, if you'd like to download the sampler for Kindle, Nook, or in PDF form, click HERE and download away! There are samplings of several genres, everything from young adult & time travel to BDSM themed erotic romance & Navy SEAL themed military romantic suspense! All the books with excerpts in the sampler are available for full purchase at Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, and other online booksellers.

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