#SixSunday - This is How I See You

Hello Sixers! I'm so glad to be back after several weeks away. Life, as it often does, got crazy busy and kept my weekends filled. For more on that, click here. Thankfully, things have slowed a bit, and I'm looking forward to participating in this week's Six Sentence Sunday with all of you!

I'm continuing with my YA Paranormal book, ONCE AND FOR ALL, the sequel to ONCE AGAIN, which is now available (links to the right), and was reviewed recently at Night Owl Reviews! ONCE AND FOR ALL follows Phoebe Campbell and Todd Miller as they encounter their own reincarnation mystery. Oh... and here's the cover reveal!

As you know, Phoebe and Todd are social opposites who get paired to work together on a project for art class. The experience not only genuine romantic feelings toward one another, but also some really strange and unsettling supernatural episodes, which include seemingly random shape-shifting and telepathic connections. For the full "blurb", click here.

In the snippet below, we see the two of them during one of the telepathic connections. Not only are they hearing each other's thoughts, but Phoebe is seeing through Todd's eyes as he looks at her. (The italicized words are Todd's words.)

The green of my eyes sparkled, amplified by the light around me, and the strings of hair that escaped my ponytail to fall haphazardly around my face looked like golden silk. My skin, the same fair as always, looked more like fine porcelain.

I was beautiful.

How was this possible? How could I be exactly the same and yet so beautiful?

This is how I see you.

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  1. This is not my genre of choice, but you got me with the idea of her being able to see herself through his eyes.
    If only it could be so in real life...

    Great six!

  2. Stunning descriptions here. Beautiful writing! (Love the cover, too!)

  3. Beautiful prose and language in this excerpt. Nice work, Amy!

  4. Ah that is sooo sweet <3, great six!

  5. Wow, I enjoyed this excerpt, such a cool idea and he certainly sees her with love. Terrific six!

  6. Intriguing concept. I'm sure we'd all love to see ourselves through someone else's eyes!

  7. This is a tricky concept to pull off and you handled it marvelously!

  8. I really like the premise of this story, Amy! Great six! Well done!

    Ryan Derham