Killing Our Creativity

I have nothing at all against math, science, and reading. They are necessary to every human's well-being and success. And for goodness sake, reading is practically my favorite thing to do... something I push my kids to do and enjoy.  But I'd like to point out that the greatest innovators of our time... the inventors... the ones who build empires... people like Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos... they aren't just scientists, mathematicians, and readers.  They are creators. And they were FIRST creative children. And it pains me that my children are growing up in a day and age when we have to fight and push for their creativity to be honored and valued by society. It worries me that creativity and creative pursuits are secondary at best - afterthoughts at worst - in our schools.

I think Sir Ken Livingstone hit the nail on the head in this 2007 video. I'd like to hear President Obama and Governor Romney talk about the killing of creativity in American society at the next presidential debate.

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  1. Great post Amy - hit the nail on the head could not agree with you more - Thomas Gillis founder nonprofit www.Alcoholicshare.org Inc