#SixSunday - Trying To Be Different

Happy Sunday Sixers! Thanks for stopping by.  I always appreciate the comments and encouragement. I look forward to hopping around to other blogs and reading what other talented authors have shared!  

I'm continuing with my YA Paranormal book, ONCE AND FOR ALL, the sequel to ONCE AGAIN, which is now available (links to the right), and was reviewed recently at Night Owl Reviews! ONCE AND FOR ALL follows Phoebe Campbell and Todd Miller as they encounter their own reincarnation mystery.

Last week, Todd accused Phoebe of "reverse snobbery", and she was stunned speechless. Despite the fact that she's still mad at him for flirting with another girl - openly - only a day after he'd kissed Phoebe, she can't help but see that she has been guilty of thinking the rest of the school population was beneath her. She begins to see Todd for more than what's on the surface, but she's not quite ready to let him know that yet. Today's snippet immediately follows the bit I shared last Sunday (scroll down a couple of posts to find it), and shows a tad of Phoebe's "inner conflict" as she tries to recocncile the Todd Miller she's always know with the Todd Miller she's beginning to like.

"I really am sorry." He sat down next to me again. "I'm trying to be different, for a lot of reasons, and I know I'm not going to get it right every time."

Well, as far as honesty went, his explanation was not bad, but I was just not prepared to go back to the way things had been.

"Okay," I said. I knew he was waiting for some sort of response from me, but that was the best I could do at the moment.

Will these two ever break out of the "molds" high school social classes have stuck them and and figure out that it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks? Keep checking back to see!

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  1. love ur six sentence sunday! I'd love for you to check out mines and leave a comment. thnx.


  2. Aww, it looks like they both have to make concessions and meet in the middle. Great reflections on her part!

  3. Great snippet. I remember the reverse snobs as well and remember thinking how funny it was that they were just as rigid in their thinking as the popular kids they made fun of...

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  5. (oops, my bad- typo)

    Adolescence can be so hard. Even when you see changes in others, good changes, you're never quite sure whether you can trust it.

    Great Six, Amy!

  6. Love their exchange and hopefully she'll come around and forgive him...especially after his heart-felt apology :)

  7. High school really sucked for me. My heart goes out to these two just because of that. But I know they'll both grow beyond it.
    Teresa R.