#SixSunday - "This Is Crazy"

Happy Sunday Sixers! Thanks for stopping by.  I always appreciate the comments and encouragement. I look forward to hopping around to other blogs and reading what other talented authors have shared!  

I'm continuing with my YA Paranormal book, ONCE AND FOR ALL, the sequel to ONCE AGAIN, which is now available (links to the right), and was reviewed recently at Night Owl Reviews! ONCE AND FOR ALL follows Phoebe Campbell and Todd Miller as they encounter their own reincarnation mystery.

In today's snippet, Todd and Phoebe are just beginning to figure out the paranormal element of the story. I'm giving no details (spoilers!) about that, other than to say that Phoebe refers to it as "a crazy psychic connection thingy". As you can imagine, figuring out they are tied to each other through something weird and supernatural is not so easy for two teenagers to wrap their mind around. No worries, though... they'll figure it out eventually!

This silence settled in, like a dense, heavy fog. Todd said nothing, just stared at the animals on the table.

I found myself at a loss for words, too. Like maybe if we didn't say anything, if we refused to acknowledge it, it would all go away.

Then he looked at me, and the shock in his expression turned to confusion, then finally resignation.

"This is crazy," he whispered.

As if the typical drama and emotional roller coaster of the teenage years isn't enough, these two have to have something ELSE to deal with!

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  1. You shown their reactions to this really well. I can feel theri disbelief and confusion.

  2. Very nice snippet...I felt like I was right there listening in!