#SixSunday: Todd's Text Message

Happy Sunday Sixers! Thanks for stopping by.  I always appreciate the comments and encouragement. I look forward to hopping around to other blogs and reading what other talented authors have shared!  

It's great to be back with you after taking off last week. I've just returned from a fantastic vacation in California, complete with a trek across the country on I-40, which follows much of the old Route 66! If you're interested, come by this week when I'll post a few pictures! 

I'm continuing with my YA Paranormal book, ONCE AND FOR ALL, the sequel to ONCE AGAIN, which is now available (links to the right), and was reviewed recently at Night Owl Reviews! ONCE AND FOR ALL follows Phoebe Campbell and Todd Miller as they encounter their own reincarnation mystery. 

Before getting into today's snippet, let me re-visit my last two SSS posts. Three weeks ago, Phoebe encountered Miller outside the art room, talking with two of his "friends". The friends were trying to convince him that he could drop art and take weight-lifting, going so far as to insult Phoebe right in front of her, saying to Todd, "You can't want to stay in class with crazies like her." She was disappointed, but not surprised at Todd's behavior. Two weeks ago, we saw her immediately after that incident, dealing with her confusing feelings about Todd, and during art class she was transfixed by the necklace Miss Stockton wears, and heard the  voice from her dream saying "You choose to deny..."

To say Phoebe has had a crazy, confusing day is an understatement. And Todd's about to make it even more confusing, as Phoebe heads through the school parking lot toward her car.

I was halfway to my car when my phone buzzed, alerting a text message. 
 My friends r dumb. I dropped weight lifting on purpose. Wanted 2 try something new.

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  1. Maybe there's hope for him yet... Great six!

  2. Glad he's ignoring what his friends say.

  3. Ooh, I felt the little thrill tingle at that message! Great six!

  4. Poor girl. Now if he can tell his friends to their faces that they're dumb. :)