777 Challenge

I've been challenged by Devon Matthews to take part in the 777 challenge!

The challenge is to go to page 7 of your current work in progress and post at least 7 lines from the page, then tag 7 other authors and challenge them to do the same on their blogs.

My work-in-progress is ONCE AND FOR ALL, book 2 in the Sky Cove Series. It's a YA paranormal romance dealing with reincarnation and an ancient curse that's never been broken.

The following snippet is from page 7, when Phoebe first discovers that Todd Miller, school jock and major jerk, has somehow wound up in her art class... the only class she feels accepted in.  Enjoy!

Among the familiar faces and expected classmates was an anomaly. An error. Stupidity personified.

Todd Miller.

My sanctuary had been tainted. The warning bell sounded its dull, warped ring, and I took my seat. If there was a consolation to be found in this crazy situation, it was that the art geeks talked among themselves and no one seemed to be paying any attention to Todd Miller.

I wondered how he liked that feeling.

 I challenge:
Suzanne Lilly
Mary Martinez
Cherie Marks
Sarah Baker
Margie Higgins
Anna Snugg
Phyllis Campbell


  1. Interesting challenge. Did you let the other authors know that they've been challenged?

  2. Nice! Thanks for sharing and joining in the fun Amy! (Devon got me too)