Todd Miller, Hero

This is a re-post from April 2012, in anticipation of the release of ONCE AND FOR ALL, later this week!

Todd Miller is anything BUT a hero when he makes his first appearance in ONCE AGAIN. Possibly the most popular guy in school, he's the star of the football team, and has the idea that he can say or do anything he wants without repercussions. He's not only mean, but downright intimidating to Layla (the heroine in ONCE AGAIN) on her first day at Sky Cove Senior High.

Somewhere in the middle of ONCE AGAIN, Todd starts to make a change. We see some redeeming behavior from him, though we don't exactly know why.

When I first created the character of Todd Miller, I meant for him to be a jerk and stay a jerk. But along the way, he grew on me, and I decided to give his character a bit more, well, character. And I'm so glad I did... because he's proving to be a real gem underneath all that "jerkness"!

Todd's family situation is not the greatest. His mom's cool, but his dad's a high-pressure kind of guy, and as we learn early on in ONCE AND FOR ALL, expects Todd to live up to a certain standard. His dad isn't exactly concerned with what Todd wants, but rather how Todd can make him look better. It's all about appearances for him, and unfortunately Todd pays the price for his father's arrogance.

As Todd starts to slowly peel away from his dad's demands, he finds himself drawn closer and closer to to Phoebe, who, for all she's suffered at the hands of the students at Sky Cove Senior High, offers him his first chance ever to be seen and accepted for exactly who he is.

These two have a lot to offer each other. I love writing their story. I can't wait to share it with you.

Happy reading and writing!

(P.S. Tomorrow I'll be discussing the paranormal element of the story!)

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  1. I love redemption stories. I'm so glad Todd will redeem himself and become his own man.
    Teresa R.