There's a Story Everywhere

So... this week was my spring break. And I've been in 5 different states. Literally.

My travels began immediately after school on Friday, March 30, when the hubby and I, and another couple took off for Kansas City to watch two of our good friends get married the next day. We drove through Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, and FINALLY into Kansas City... at about 3:00 a.m. And yeah, I am waaaaaay too old to travel through the middle of the night.  But it was a really nice trip, despite being in a lack-of-sleep-fog the whole time.  And like I always do, I find potential stories everywhere I go.

For instance, this beautiful mansion where the lovely couple exchanged vows. How atmospheric is this place? Can't you just imagine a historical romance set here?  Or maybe a contemporary romantic suspense? I mean, really... the possibilities here are endless!

Here's another example. Gates BBQ in Overland Park, KS, where you are greeted with their official motto "Hi May I Help You" as soon as you walk through the door! Kansas City barbecue is all the rage, and we ate lunch there before heading home on Sunday. The second picture is the "burned end" sandwiches (a KC staple) hubby and I had for lunch.  I love the way food allows us to experience the culture of a particular place, and I could just imagine weaving such a place into a story!

Later in the week, the hubby and I took the kids to Louisville for a "day out". Thankfully, that drive is only an hour and a half, as opposed to the 10 hour drive to Kansas City we'd done the previous weekend!  We took them to Lynn's Paradise Cafe, which has been featured a number of times on The Food Network. Probably the most notable was Alton Brown choosing Lynn's Paradise Hot Brown on the "All-American" episode of "The Best Thing I Ever Ate". Again, food allows us to really experience the personality of a place, and no better example exists than the Hot Brown. It was created at the Brown Hotel in Louisville, and is truly a regional favorite.  The two pictures below show the exterior of Lynn's Paradise Cafe, a quirky little restaurant that's entertainment for your eyes, as well as your tastebuds... and the famous Hot Brown!

Again, how easy would it be to use these things in a story? The atmosphere at Lynn's made me imagine a story set in an eclectic little cafe with great food and funky personalities within.  An author could insert whatever type story... whatever "regional" flair... or even create a totally imagined setting using the inspiration the brimmed over in this place.

Our drive to Lynn's Paradise Cafe took us through the part of Louisville where "shotgun" houses abound.  I loved looking at these houses, imagining the stories that have taken place there over the years. The neighborhoods had such a "family" feel, and again, potential stories brewed around in my mind as we drove.

It's true.  There are stories everywhere... you just have to open your eyes and your imagination!


  1. Amy:
    As you know I find a story in every place I go too. Loved the pictures and reading about the food and your adventure this Spring Break. I know you dread going back to school on Monday. I'll be thinking about you.
    Teresa r.

  2. It sounds as if you had a terrific Spring Break. I love the pics of the food...totally unhealthy, but oh, so yummy! I find stories everywhere too. Thanks for sharing this post with all the pics to inspire us!