A Teen's Advice on Choosing Books

Most of my regular readers know that I teach middle school. Today, I'm really excited to feature one of my very own students, Zoe V., on my blog!

Every so often a student comes along who possesses that natural ability to put words together in a pleasing, sensible, and creative way. Zoe is one of those students. From the moment I first graded one of her papers, I could tell that she had the gift of words. (It's also obvious when you hear her talk!) Everything she writes for me, whether it's a one-sentence answer on a test or a summary of the plot of a Broadway Musical, she writes with skill and technique. She has her own unique voice, which shines through even in normal, every day middle school assignments.

So... when she jokingly asked me the other day if she could write something for my blog, I said YES! I think she was a little surprised, but knowing how she writes, I knew she'd put together something good!  I asked her to think about how she chooses a book at the library or the bookstore, and to write an article giving instructions to other teens/tweens on how best to pick a book.  What follows is what she wrote for me.  (It only took her less than 20 minutes to complete!)

Choosing the Right Book
by: Zoe V.

For every kid in school, reading is a big part of every day life, whether it's reading out of a social Studies textbook or a simple every day story. But how do most people choose what to read?

Some people take the easy route. They choose a random book and read. this seems like the best way to go about choosing a book, but it's actually one of the worst.  This is because it lacks thought and consideration. so, how can we effectively choose a suitable book?

The answer is simple, but requires more thinking. first of all you need to find out whether you want to read nonfiction, fiction, sci-fi, or another genre. then find where the genres are available.  You will then do the same thing as the "easy route". Choose a random book, but this time you'll need to complete the following steps:

- read the title and look at the cover
- check the size (pages)
- read the summary and/or reviews
- decide

This is the most effective way to choose an appropriate book to enjoy. By following these simple steps, you can enhance your reading experience!

So with that, I wish you happy reading and a wonderful day!


  1. Excellent suggestions, Zoe. And I love your name. A character in one of my books has the same name.

    What draws your attention to a book. Is it a specific color on the cover?
    And what genre do you like to read. Paranormal, science fiction---?

    Teresa R.