#SixSunday: Introducing "Once and For All"

After a two-week hiatus, I'm happy to be back with the Six Sentence Sunday crew! I look forward to hopping around, reading and commenting on the blogs of other spectacularly talented authors! Thanks in advance to those who stop in here. I appreciate all the encouragement and support.

Today, I'm introducing "Once and For All", book 2 in the Sky Cove Series. This week I'll be highlighting the characters and sharing a few teasers from the book, and hopefully soon I'll have an "official" blurb and cover to share with you.  For today, let me give you quick set-up of the premise.

If you read "Once Again" you briefly met Todd Miller and Phoebe Campbell. (And if you haven't read "Once Again", links are to the right!)  Todd was a real jerk at the beginning of the book, and the few times Phoebe appeared, she was a very dark, lonely girl.  Well, things are changing for Todd Miller (affectionately known in "Once Again" as Miller-the-idiot!), and he's figuring out that life's not always all about how popular you are. Phoebe's just counting the days until graduation when she can hightail it out of Sky Cove and never look back.  Then they get paired together for a project in advanced art, and discover that an ancient curse is working it's less-than-awesome magic through the two of them, and it's up to them to break generations of bad-blood.

This scene, from the very beginning of the story, shows Phoebe walking through the parking lot of the hardware store. It's freezing cold (winter in Maine), and she's just about to step in the door when someone else barrels out. And knocks her on her butt.

My center of gravity already off from walking half bent over with my head lowered out of the wind, I lost my balance and tumbled back, right onto my butt.

And even through several layers of clothes and a heavy coat, the ground was wet and cold against my backside.


But it got worse.

Staring down at me was the dumb jock football star, at whose feet all of Sky Cove Senior High worshipped.

Todd Miller.

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  1. Poor thing, adding insult to injury.

    (FYI, small typo detected -- feet, not feel) :)

    1. Thanks for the catch! And the comment!

  2. Great 6, and I loved how you tied in her physical location with how the rest worship at his feet and here she is unwillingly at his feet.

  3. The only thing worse than a wet, cold backside is the embarrassment of having the school's football star watch it happen! Great six, Amy. Nice to have you back!

  4. Oh, I hate feeling embarrassed like that! Poor dear. Think of something witty to say. :)

  5. Love being in her POV here. The halting thoughts give such an insight to her personality. Great six!

  6. Nice scene :-) I actually did know a Todd Miller in school lol

  7. In which uncomfortable gets an extra serving of awkward.

  8. Great use of a situation that everyone has been in to put across the depth of her embarrassment.