Middle School Literacy Expo

Monday night I had the pleasure of being a part of the 2012 "Literacy Expo" at my son's school. There were lots of student displays on various topics relating to literacy... books they'd read, various forms/styles of writing, poetry, songwriting, etc. It was such a lovely event, and it was the first time I was a part of a "book" event that involved the exact demographic of my target audience - teens and tweens!

My son's English teacher bought my book when it was first released in eBook format, and encouraged her 8th grade students to read it. Soon after, she asked me to help create an Accelerated Reader test for the book, so it could be entered into the program and students could earn points for reading it. Several students talked to me at the "Literacy Expo" and told me they'd read the book and loved it. So gratifying to hear that from the very age group the book was written for!

I also talked to several adults about the writing process and the publishing process. Most were really intrigued by what I told them about independent publishing. Many people were aware of the revolution that's taken place in the book industry with the onset of digital reading, but it was eye-opening to them how that has changed things for authors.

I sold/signed several books and generally had a lovely time. Hopefully more of these types of events are in my future!


  1. That's awesome Amy! Bet it was exciting.

  2. WHOOOOOOOO!!!! Woop woop woop. I love it. You look great sitting behind that table signing books. How cool. Isn't it great how everyone is supporting you at your school.
    Teresa R.

  3. That's wonderful Amy! It sounds like they are as proud of you as anybody. Congrats!