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Today I'm happy to introduce you to fellow-author Alisa Jeruconoka!

Alisa was born in Latvia but moved to London at a young age. Always one who enjoyed school, she eventually went to University to study medicine. However she did not stay in medical studies, but got a job as a professional interpreter/translator for a private multinational corporation.  After working in that position for ten years, Alisa got married and decided to start a family.  A decision to work freelance during this time freed up more time to write!

Today she'll tell us a little about her novel, "Unparallel Worlds", currently available at Amazon!  Welcome Alisa!

Thank you Amy for this fantastic opportunity to represent my otherworldly YA Fantasy novel "Unparallel Worlds" on your blog. Today I’ve decided to introduce the characters from the Dark side of the multidimensional planet Adriana. I hope that a dialogue between Zalion, the King of Darkness, and Troian, the Prince of Darkness, will help the readers just a little bit more to solve the mystery in the book.

Zalion, the King of Darkness, was fifty years old but still handsome and fit. The only thing that exposed his true age was his hair, which was the colour of ash. The corners of his mouth drooped, and he never smiled. He was famous for his cruel punishment, exclusive methods of torture and advanced black magic.

Zalion held a long crooked staff in his left hand. Many lives depended on this staff, and it was not only those who were found guilty that received punishment. Sometimes a wrong word or gesture was enough.

Today, one of his countless slaves brought the rumours that he, the King of Darkness, is getting weaker and no longer can control the Dark Army. Zalion decided to call one of his younger sons Troian, the Price of Darkness, to discuss the matter.

Troian: Father, did you call?
(Troian kneeled before a jade crystal throne where Zalion was sitting in the centre of the room. Troian waited patiently for Father’s permission to join him. It doesn’t mater that Troian was his son. If Zalion was angry one strike of the staff and the floor would be ripped apart, and Troian would be sent down to the steel mines or, the worst punishment, to the experiment cells.)

Zalion: My son, come and join me. Did you hear the rumours that …that I’m loosing my strength?

Troian: Father, who dare to confront you or to say anything against your will?

Zalion: Answer me!

Troian: I overheard the warriors of the Dark Army talking...

Zalion: Nonsense. Giant piranhas, monster fish, squids, dragons, harpies, serpents, chimeras CAN’T THINK. In the experiments cells I did create my hybrids carefully combining the genes of animals, plants, birds and insects. I didn’t implant the brain cells in them. It must be somebody who can analyse the situation. May be that’s why I called YOU. (Zalion’s eyes were fixed on his son).

Troian: Father, I’m a hybrid. My younger brothers are hybrids too. Valafar is a cross of a dog and a wolf and he is very happy with his pack wondering in the forest and looking for a pray. Ammit, in his serpent body, loves to spend all the time underground with his co-brothers. But Leonard, our older brother, I would consider him as a threat. Technically speaking we are not brothers. As a half-breed vampire I can feel that his heart beats. I can feel only two hearts beating in the kingdom of Darkness, Leonard’s…and yours Father. (Troian added quietly).

Zalion:  Hmm…What do you know about me?

Troian: You brought up four of us as tough warriors and you taught us about the existence of the Empire of Light and the Golden Ones.  You told us how devious they are and your friends and parents died trying to restore the justice. 

Zalion didn’t say a word as he was thinking of something.

Troian: Father, we all have tattoos on our right hand what does it represent? Or is it just decoration?

Zalion: It is a phoenix, a symbol of overcoming adversity, of renewal, physical strength and courage. The tattoo is the family’s royal symbol of resurrection and a long fight against betrayal.

Troian: How big do you think the universe is? I have never seen anything apart of Darkness.

Zalion: In eternity I wasn’t always the king of monsters, beasts and fabled creatures. I wasn’t always full of envy and wanting revenge. I was the King of the lands filled with happiness and joy until my people started mutating. We had to find the cure and very fast. My scientists worked days and nights and the only solution they found; it was that my people was exposed too long to the darkness and to restore the vital balance we need to find the light essence to survive.

Troian: As I can guess you didn’t find the cure and your people died that’s why you did create the loyal allies of the Army of Darkness.

Zalion: Yes and No. The Light Side does exist but it governs by the heartless king whose people were enjoying the life while mine was dying. At the moment my arms are tight. I can’t restore the justice without breaking the Dominion’s treaty. That’s why, Troian, I can’t afford rebels in the Dark Army because the Justice Day is coming even quicker than I thought.

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  1. Alisa:
    I really enjoyed your excerpt and I LOVED your book trailer. Excellent.
    Teresa R.