A Two Month Celebration: ONCE AGAIN for Only $0.99

Two months ago, my debut YA paranormal novel, ONCE AGAIN, was released in e-Book format.  The experience of seeing my book for sale on various retailers' websites has been a dream come true... and a whirlwind!

In celebration of my first 2 months as a published author, ONCE AGAIN is now discounted!  For a limited time, you can purchase the e-Book for only $0.99! What a bargain!  The discounts are currently available at Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, and Smashwords.  (Links are on the right side of the page.)

My hope is that readers might decide to take a chance on a new author for $0.99, so any help spreading the word is greatly appreciated!  Word-of-mouth is the number one way authors succeed, and I am extremely grateful to those of you who are always so kind in helping pass on information!

Happy reading and writing!

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