There ≠ Their ≠ They're

I found inspiration for today's post in the vast reach of Facebook and Twitter, as well as the writing I frequently see from the public school students I teach.

Just a few reminders about good grammar and spelling...

There ≠ Their ≠ They're

Its ≠ It's

Your ≠ You're

a lot ≠ alot

whose ≠ who's

The other night, while trolling Facebook, I noticed a status that my oldest son had commented on. The comment went something like this... "Your in the same grade as me."  We were in the same room, he on the desktop computer, me on the laptop. So, I quietly messaged him via Facebook chat. Our conversation went like this:

Me: "Your is not the same thing as you're."
Him:  "wat?"
Me: "Your comment on that status. You said 'Your in the same grade as me.' It should've been 'YOU'RE in the same grade as me."
Him: "it's FB Mom. no time to use good grammar."
Me: "It was only 2 more characters to type to spell it correctly. It wouldn't have taken that long. Good grammar says something about your character."
Him: "k."

He can write and spell like someone much older than him, so it's not that he CAN'T. He uses the kind of shorthand and lingo that most kids use when using Facebook or texting, abandoning apostrophes and capital letters left and right.  I realize that this sort of communication isn't going away, and that's cool with me. I'm not one of those "anti-tech" people who wishes cell phones and the internet were never invented. I just want to be sure he understands that shorthand is okay sometimes, but when possible, it's best to spell correctly and use proper grammar and punctuation.  I want him to know that the shift key does indeed exist and should be used when appropriate!  I think he gets it, based on the fact that I didn't get a snarky "watever" comment back from him!

Good grammar, spelling, and punctuation... they NEVER go out of style!

Happy reading and writing!

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  1. I constantly correct my daughter -- and I do it on her posts. I've noticed over time that she's become more careful.