#SixSunday: Another Piece of the Puzzle

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Today's excerpt follows yet another dream, as more and more of Layla and Luke's past is revealed to him. They've long suspected that Luke's ex-girlfriend, Kara, is involved somehow, but the dream they've just experienced confirmed it. Frustrated by the fact that questions still remain, yet happy for another piece of the puzzle, Layla and Luke try to decipher what this latest dream means.

“If we follow the idea that what’s going on with us now parallels what happened in the past, then the woman in the dream must’ve been a former girlfriend of his.”

“Just like Kara’s my ex,” he said, and I could hear the wheels turning in Luke’s mind. “Then you moved to town and caught my eye, and squashed any chance she might’ve thought existed that the two of us would get back together.”

I smiled. I’d caught his eye. I was also pretty fond of the term squashed.

Happy reading and writing!


  1. I was also pretty fond of the term squashed. *hehe*

  2. Uh-oh. A woman scorned. In several lifetimes. GREAT set-up for conflict!

  3. Oh-uh. A woman scorned is never good!

  4. *Giggles* 'Squashed' is good. Great set-up here.