#SixSunday - Lucas Pulls Away

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For this week's post from ONCE AGAIN, my YA Paranormal Romance that's currently available in eBook and print (links to the right), we're again exploring Layla's doubts about Luke's feelings. While she doesn't believe him to be dishonest, she worries that what he feels is merely a result of what he remembers of their past life. In the following snippet, we've fast-forwarded several chapters from last week's post. The truth of the tragedy they suffered in their previous existence has been revealed to them in a harrowing dream, and the two of them have vastly different reactions.

He withheld himself from me, in a way I couldn’t describe or put my finger on, but weighed on my heart nonetheless.

Our reactions to the last dreams could not have been more different. I wanted nothing more than to be closer to him after watching him die and seeing my own death. I supposed for Lucas, the opposite was true. He was pulling away.

As if I needed another reason to wonder if what he felt for me was real or just leftover from the past.

Happy reading and writing!


  1. Aw, boys just react differently than girls. I'm wondering how they work this out and if he comes around. Great six! Very melancholy.

  2. Very good six sentences. Very emotional. Way to go Amy.
    Teresa R.

  3. Well written six full of emotion!

  4. poignant 6! her worst fear looks like it's happening...

  5. Powerful excerpt. Really enjoyed it, much to think about!

  6. I feel for Lucas, but she just might be the stonger of the two in this matter. Great six.

  7. Wow! Amazing six, so full of emotion. Great job :)