Layla & Lucas Joint Interview: Final #Giveaway Post

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Today we’re talking with both Layla Bradford and Lucas Ellis, revisiting some great moments and looking ahead toward the future.

Without giving away too much to those who haven’t read your story yet, give us a glimpse into your history.

First impressions
Lucas: Finally. And Wow.
Layla: No way he’s noticing me.

Favorite memory so far
Lucas: Going back to the beach when everything was over.
Layla:  Same for me.

Best thing about finally being able to have a normal relationship
Lucas: Being able to hold her hand whenever and wherever I want.
Layla: Having no doubts about our feelings for each other.

As you tried to discover the truth about your reincarnation mystery, did the danger and uncertainty draw you closer or pull you apart?

Lucas: I think in terms of our feelings for each other, it definitely brought us closer. Nothing like knowing your girl’s in danger to make you realize just how important she is to you. But in terms of being able to actually focus on our relationship, it sort of pulled us apart, temporarily, simply because there was so much going on we couldn’t just be ourselves and enjoy our relationship. In the end, I think the ordeal made us stronger and more committed, because we’ve been through so much. As difficult as it was, I wouldn’t change a thing, because it got us where we are today.

Layla: I think it did both. First of all, it brought us together. It forced us – well, me anyway – to acknowledge what we were feeling. However, it did give me reason to doubt the legitimacy of what we were experiencing in the present. It was probably my own insecurities, but I kept wondering if somehow we were being manipulated by what happened in the past, and that one day, when it was all over, we’d realize that we didn’t really love each other.  Fortunately, that didn’t happen.  Once the mystery was solved, our feelings were even stronger because of what we’d been through. Like Luke, I wouldn’t change anything, because here we are!

Layla, what’s the best thing about Lucas?  His genuineness. I don’t ever wonder if he’s being honest or real. And now that the reincarnation stuff is behind us, I feel this tremendous confidence in our relationship. I don’t have to try to be anyone else. He accepts me just the way I am, and even better, I don’t doubt it ever.

Lucas, what’s the best thing about Layla? Her unassuming beauty. And by beauty I’m not just talking about what she looks like on the outside, although, let’s face it, she’s gorgeous. But what I mean is that there’s a sweetness to her, a humble, down-to-earth glow that comes from deep within her. It illuminates everything she does, and it’s what makes her the most beautiful girl in the world.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Thanks especially for those of you who’ve come by each day to get better acquainted with these characters. I hope you’ve enjoyed this little peak into their lives and minds. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all the support and enthusiasm, as well as the help spreading the word!

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  1. I have really enjoyed getting to know your characters better this week. I know I was so happy to see their experiences bring them closer. I had fears, like Layla that after the reincarnation issues were solved they would be different. So happy that it just made their relationship stronger. I hope that we get to read and learn more about these two n the future.

  2. I think the two are so sweet together. I hope you're going to let them take part in the next book. I'm attached to them.
    Teresa R.