Six Sentence Sunday: Layla's Dream

Welcome back for another Six Sentence Sunday!  Thanks in advance for the encouraging comments! I look forward to hopping around to your blogs, as well!  Again, I'm posting from my YA paranormal romance, ONCE AGAIN, which is now available in eBook format.

In today's snippet, we get a glimpse into Layla's dream... the one that first begins to reveal bits of her past-life. Earlier in the day she found herself inexplicably drawn to an old house-turned-antique-store in town, and when the little house makes an appearance in her dream that night, she's shocked by what she sees.

As if looking through the lens of a digital camera, I zoomed in on the woman standing in the door. I took note of her plain dress, the dingy white apron covering her bodice and skirt. She looked like she could’ve stepped right out of an episode of “Little House on the Prairie”.

And then I saw her face. My breath caught in my chest, and my eyes widened in shock.

My own face stared back at me, with a smile so huge I wondered why her face didn’t crack. 

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  1. Oh that snippet gave me shivers. An eerie and intriguing six!

  2. Wow! That is one insanely good hook!

    Sarah Ballance

  3. Dreams can be so creepy! Thanks for sharing. It sounds like a good story :)

  4. I don't usually get into the "high drama" of YA, but reincarnation thrills me--and this sounds like such a great read. It's on my Kindle already! Hope to read it before I see you in March!


  5. Oh, I am loving this more and more. Such a great teaser!

  6. Wow, creepy but fantastic snippet!

  7. Wow, very intriguing. Enjoyed the snippet, can't wait to read more!