A Tour of Sky Cove

My YA Paranormal, ONCE AGAIN, is set in the fictional town of Sky Cove, a coastal town in Maine. In my mind, Sky Cove is a vivid, alive place, so for today's blog, I thought it might be fun to take you on a "tour" of the town, and show you how it "looks" to me!

The picture to the right is actually Camden, Maine, an actual city in Maine that I reference several times in the book.  I love the colors on the buildings, and the beautiful view of the harbor in the background.  In my mind, downtown Sky Cove looks much the same!

This is a shot of the Atlantic Ocean from the coast of Maine. I love the rocky shoreline, and the way the water fades into the sky at the horizon.  I pictured the beach just this way when writing Layla and Luke's scenes at the ocean.

Layla lives in a neighborhood within the town limits of  Sky Cove.  I described her house as a square, two-story brick house, similar to the one in this photo. When I look at this house, I imagine the scenes between her and Luke that take place both at the front door and in the driveway.

 Luke's house is outside of town, on White Bridge Rd. If you've read the book you already know that his mother, Gwen, is a colorful character, and one of her most prominent attributes is that of a "nurturer".  It makes sense that her home would appear well taken care of and nurtured! This yellow cottage is just how I imagined Luke's home!

And finally, Emerson House. Imagine the little house in the picture to the right restored somewhat, with a fresh coat of white paint and a bit of landscaping.  Emerson House of Antiques is central to the plot of ONCE AGAIN, and in my mind it looks much this way... a simple, white house that was once home to a happy young family and now is a place to showcase items that have been seasoned by the passage of time.

I hope you enjoyed this "tour" through Sky Cove, Maine!  If you haven't read the book yet, perhaps the visuals here will peak your interest!

Happy reading and writing!


  1. Amy:
    Very good idea to give your town visuals to write about!!! Loved the tour.
    Teresa R.

  2. I LOVE these pictures! It helps to see the town. Luke's little yellow cottage is my favorite. I take pictures of the homes in my stories too.