Six Sentence Sunday: Two Kids Falling For Each Other

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Last week, we saw a bit of Layla's first dream about her past-life. Needless to say, she was shaken. For this week, we've fast-forwarded a couple of weeks. It's the week of the first home football game, and Layla's turned down a few invitations to attend the game with a boy.  Luke stops short of asking her to be his date, opting instead to ask if he can sit with her and her friends.  See, he knows she's turned the other boys down, saying she's "just not ready to start dating yet". It's a cute little exchange between them, and I really enjoyed writing the delicate give-and-take of two kids falling for each other and not wanting to come right out and say it just yet!

“If I turned anyone down, it wasn’t because I wasn’t flattered,” I said. “It was because it just didn’t feel right.”

 “Well, if it doesn’t feel right sitting with me, just say so,” he said, smiling.

“That won’t be necessary," I said, smiling and reaching for my backpack.

He pulled my backpack out of reach, put a hand on the small of my back, and guided me into the room.

I was amazed that I could walk on legs that now felt like jelly.


  1. What an adorable scene! I like his playfulness. Great six!

  2. Wonderful portrayal of two teens, and yes, very cute!

  3. Very tender scene...loved your dialogue :)

  4. Took me right back to h.s. games in Oregon. Funny how important who you went with seemed at the time! Super. He is so sweet and you've got me wondering if he's going to show up to have been in her past life. Sweetie and I are convinced we've done our dance before. And he's Scots/Prussian, people who aren't at all woo-woo., normally.

  5. aaw cute! he sounds really sweet, and smart!

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  6. Paula stole my exact thought. Great phase of life when love really is great new uncharted waters. Good six!

  7. Love it. Good six, took me right back.

  8. They're cute together! What a sweet scene. :)