Sample at Smashwords!

Smashwords is a tremendous place for authors and readers!

If you're a digital reader and you've never visited Smashwords, you should.  Readers are able to download books in various formats for every major eReading device, as well as in formats readable on personal computers.  In addition, titles that are included in the "Smashwords Premium Catalog" have been vetted and found to have clean and precise formatting, making for a much more enjoyable reading experience.

As an author, I'm granted a level of control at Smashwords that I don't get at other retailers.  For example, I can decide how much of my book can be "sampled" by potential readers before they purchase.

So... for a limited time, you can "sample" 40% of once again for FREE, before you purchase the book! With a deal like that, why not give Smashwords a try?  If you're interested, follow the link below:

ONCE AGAIN on Smashwords

Happy Reading and Writing!

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