Six Sentence Sunday: Comfort

Welcome back to Six Sentence Sunday!  I took a week off last Sunday, as our Thanksgiving holiday was still going strong.  I hope all of you enjoyed your holiday, as well!  I'm glad to be back today and share in the fun!  As always, I appreciate the encouraging comments very much, and look forward to hopping around to your blogs!

I'm still sharing from my current WIP, "Dusk", a YA Paranormal novel.  In the following snippet Zoe has just had a nasty exchange with another student at school, and her father's infidelity, which had not been common knowledge, just became the latest piece of juicy gossip circulating through the senior class.  She's humiliated and devastated, and hides in the bathroom, intending to skip class until the chaos dies down.  The hallways have cleared and she's just about to breathe a sigh of relief at being alone, when who should wander in...?

Adrian strolled into the girls' bathroom like it was no big deal, and sat down beside me.  I lifted my eyes to his, positive that I looked like a red raccoon.  He said nothing... just reached for me and pulled me into his lap.

As his arms came around me I remembered the conversation I wanted to have with him, but now was not the time.  I was devastated and he was here, not saying a word, not trying to fix things, not giving me unwanted advice.  Just holding me, letting warmth seep into me as the last few tears slid down my cheeks.

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  1. Don't you wish men got that--we just need to be held sometimes. No knight on a white horse--just a little comfort. Great six!

  2. Ah, that boy's a keeper and her sadness is palpable. Nice six.

  3. What the others have said. I really like that he doesn't leap in to give advice and tell her what to do. Just gives her what she needs. I LOVE him, and as I've said before, she's so lucky to have him in her life!

    And wow, what a nice twist. I remember when I realized my mother was having an affair when I was in college. (I discovered it when I -- oops -- accidentally dated the same guy while I was home for Christmas vacation.) I was older than Zoe, but I still went into an emotional tailspin the next semester and it wasn't even public.

  4. What a good friend! I hope she realizes it. Nice six. :)