Twitter Never Ceases to Amaze: "Words Have Power"

I am still a Twitter novice.  Parts of it are still a mystery to me, though I learn a little bit more each day.  Recently though, I discovered something pretty cool... and helpful too.

One of the things that seemed difficult about Twitter was the overwhelming deluge of information.  If you follow more than a handful of people, there's no way to keep up with everybody.  And trying to pick out links, blog posts, and other information that coincided with your interests?  Well, let's say I just had to give up.

Then one of my blog posts was picked up by a Twitter newspaper.  I had no idea such a thing existed (yes, I know... I'm green when it comes to Twitter).  I always post to Twitter when I have a new post on my blog.  This particular time, I happened to use a #hashtag to highlight the topic of my blog.  The next day, when I checked my "mentions", I was mentioned in a post promoting someone's Twitter newspaper, which happened to be focused on the topic of my most recent blog post.

After a bit of investigation, I decided to try my own Twitter newspaper.  I discovered that I could choose topics of interest to me, such as Young Adult fiction, creativity, writing, and books in general.  The "newspaper" is not only a way to maybe draw a few more followers to my Twitter account and/or my blog, but also a way to gather articles, blogs, and other information of interest to me, that otherwise might get lost in the endless Twitter feed of every day.

So, if you're interested in some of the topics mentioned above, check out my Twitter Newspaper, "Words Have Power".  If you don't tweet, or you don't want to navigate the Twitter feed to find it, you can read it right here from my blog.  Just click the above tab "Words Have Power", which takes you to the paper widget.  Click anywhere in the graphic and it will take you to the paper.

Twitter... the possibilities never cease to amaze!


  1. Wow!!!! How very cool is that! I had no clue, but looks like a lot of fun. Ideas, ideas and coming....

    Thanks, Amy!

  2. Amy, I had no idea about this either. This is very interesting. I've been using Twitter a lot, but know very little about how to monitor it effectively. I have tried many management programs with limited results. I think Twitter is very challenging, but my following continues to grow there. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Very interesting! I didn't know about this either, but it's a fascinating concept. Looks pretty time consuming though...

  4. Actually, it's really easy and quick. You create an account with paper.li (google it and you'll find it quick), then from there you just input your information... the "title" of your paper, what topics you want to include (using the #hashtags of things you want to read about... like #romance, #publishing, etc.) and it automatically scans your Twitter feed for things that match your interests. You can set it to update however often you like. The default is a daily update, and I've left mine like that. It's a way for me to catch things that interest me that I otherwise would've missed in the HUGE amount of stuff that filters through the Twitter feed!