Six Sentence Sunday: My Inaugural Post

For several weeks I've been reading other writer's "Six Sentence Sunday" posts and finding them interesting and intriguing. So today, I decided to join the ranks!

My inaugural "Six Sentence Sunday" post comes from my completed YA novel "You Again", in which Lucas and Layla discover that being reincarnated can really screw up your high school social life! These six sentences come from the scene when the two of them meet for the first time... well, the first time in this life anyway.

"I'm Lucas," came the voice from the seat next to me.
And it was a really great voice, too. Deep and mature, there was no hint of the cracking and squeaking of many guys my age. Nope, this was the voice of a boy solidly on the other side of puberty. Smooth and dark, like melted caramel.
"Hi," I said, angry with myself for sounding sheepish, even to my own ears.

Check back next week for another peek into Lucas and Layla's adventure.

Happy reading and writing!


  1. Awesome post! Such a "truly" teen meeting. Awkward but so sweet.

    Have you visited the www.sixsunday.com website? You go on Tuesday (starting at 6:00 P.M.) and upload your blog URL (it starts Tuesday, but you have until Saturday to get it on there). Then post by 9:00 A.M. Sunday.

    I might be telling you stuff you already know, but it brings other readers to your site. I've met some pretty cool people this way.

  2. I did look it over, but was too late to get my blog uploaded to it. Will try to get it up there next time!

    Thanks for the info... and for stopping by!!

  3. Welcome to the Six, Amy! Being a firm believer in reincarnation, I loved your first Six!

    Yes, as Cherie said, on Tuesday afternoon/evening, definitely sign up at sixsunday.com. You'll get lots of traffic, especially if you go to other people's. You just give them the MAIN address of your blog (not what the direct URL is to a specific posting, just the main address--like mine is kallypsomasters.blogspot.com. Oh, when it asks for the name of the BLOG, just put YOUR name. That's a glitch in the program.

  4. Thanks Kally! I look forward to getting more involved in the Six! Fun way to get to know lots of talented authors! Glad you stopped by!