Quotable Discussions: Gary Paulsen

Today's "Quotable Discussion" quote comes from Gary Paulsen, author of a number of books my oldest son has loved. His series about Brian, a young boy lost in the Canadian wilderness are some of my son's favorites. Today, we take a look at his quote about reading. For those of us who love books, I think he sums it up perfectly. Read on and see if you agree.

"Why do I read?
I just can't help myself.
I read to learn and to grow, to laugh and to be motivated.

I read to understand things I've never been exposed to.
I read when I'm crabby, when I've just
said monumentally dumb things to the people I love.
I read for strength to help me when I
feel broken, discouraged, and afraid.
I read when I'm angry at the whole world.
I read when everything is going right.
I read to find hope.
I read because I'm made up not just of
skin and bones, of sights, feelings,
and a deep need for chocolate, but I'm
also made up of words.
Words describe my thoughts and what's
hidden in my heart.
Words are alive--when I've found a
story that I love, I read it again and
again, like playing a favorite song over and over.
Reading isn't passive--I enter the
story with the characters, breathe
their air, feel their frustrations,
scream at them to stop when they're
about to do something stupid, cry with them, laugh with them.
Reading for me, is spending time with a friend.
A book is a friend.
You can never have too many."

Well said, Mr. Paulsen. Well said. I agree wholeheartedly.


  1. Amy:
    I loved the Paulsen poem. And yes I read for entertainment, to gain knowledge, to improve my work, and because I love the words.

    As always I enjoyed the blog.
    Teresa R.

  2. Love it and I couldn't agree more. Thanks for posting this.