New Orleans Day 3: The Mighty Mississippi

I've seen the Mississippi River numerous times, as I've traveled closer to home and in & around the midwest. It's a formidable river, for sure. Maybe it's been a long time since I've seen the Mississippi, or maybe I've just never seen it in quite this way, but Day 3 in New Orleans gave new meaning to the saying "The Mighty Mississippi".

The kids and I took the Canal Street Ferry (which is free for pedestrians) across the river to Algiers Point, the second oldest neighborhood in New Orleans.

From Algiers, you can see The French Quarter, and yet you are completely removed from the noise, crowds, and chaos. The ten-minute ferry ride might as well take you back in time, to a slower, more relaxed way of life. The kids and I walked through the neighborhood, and while they may have been a little bored, I was soaking in the beauty of this little gem.

Below is the Algiers Courthouse, circa 1896. It's a large building, and I couldn't back up far enough to get it all in the picture. But I think you'll get the idea!

The houses in Algiers were lovely, and many of them reminded me of the houses in Charleston, SC, with their vibrant colors, decorative gingerbread, and inviting landscaping. Below are just a couple of examples. (I could've taken a picture of EVERY house we saw!)

Before catching the ferry to return to New Orleans, we enjoyed lunch at the Dry Dock Cafe.

Below is a photo of the New Orleans skyline (the Central Business District) as we boarded the ferry to leave Algiers. I wanted to give you an idea just how huge the Mississippi is at this point. My 5 year-old kept calling it "the lake"!

Day 3 in New Orleans ended at Felix's Restaurant. It's famous for oysters on the half shell, and of course, the hubs took advantage of that! Me, I enjoyed red beans and rice, New Orleans style!

The plan for Day 4 is to get a Trolley Pass and ride around the city! Check back and see how it goes!


  1. Amy:
    Wonderful pictures!
    I wish I were with you!!! I have to go to New Orleans. It's on my bucket list.
    I'm so glad you're having such a good time.

  2. Teresa - The drive to New Orleans is not too bad. We made it in 9 1/2 hours. You should definitely make plans to visit here. Plenty of ways to do it on a budget!