New Orleans Day 2: It's Not Just a Feast for Your Tastebuds

Day 2 in New Orleans consisted of two separate on-foot jaunts out into the French Quarter. This city is an absolute feast for the eyes, something I didn't fully appreciate when I was here 17 years ago. This time however, I appreciate every sight... even the abandoned and run-down buildings... because they all tell the story of this city.

Here are few of the sights (and smells and tastes) of our second day in The Crescent City.

The architecture of New Orleans is breath-taking. I could literally take a picture like this one on every street of the French Quarter.

We loved this vintage sign on Decatur Street. As you can see, it's painted on the side of a brick building that houses, among other things, the NOLA Tour Center. The building to the right, that you can't see in the picture, is the NOLA Fire Department.

The "House of Blues", also on Decatur Street was the dinner destination. The outside of the restaurant was really cool, and I couldn't resist a picture of my crazy kiddos on the steps!

The inside of the "House of Blues" was no less interesting. This was the decor above the bar.

We ate a variety of things at the "House of Blues", including Wild Mushroom Risotto (me), Oysters on the Half-shell (Hubs & Oldest kiddo), and, as can see above... GUMBO! Oldest kiddo ordered it, but we all had a taste. So far, it's one of his favorite Creole flavors.
(Mine too!)

Stay tuned for Day 3 in New Orleans, when the kids and I will take the Canal Street Ferry across the Mississippi to Algiers Point!

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  1. I'm so thrilled you're having a good time!!!
    Love the pictures too. Especially of the kids.
    Teresa R.