You Know You're a Mom When...

It's Spring Break, and how did I spend my first day? Doctoring my 8 year-old, who is actually NOT on Spring Break yet. Sore throat began on Saturday, continued off and on throughout the weekend, and was worse this morning. So, he stayed home from school and off to the doctor we went. And guess what? Strep throat. Second time in 4 weeks. Poor little guy.

I thought about all the "doctoring" we moms do, and decided this could be a fun blog post. So here goes!

You know you're a mom when...

1. You can diagnose strep before the doctors.
2. You know the flavors of all the different antibiotics, and you know which ones need to be flavored so your kid won't throw them back up immediately.
3. You can identify a fever with the touch of your hand, or by pressing a cheek to the feverish one's forehead.
4. You really aren't grossed out by vomit anymore.
5. Snot-wipeage becomes a regular part of your day during the winter and/or allergy season.
6. You use enough Lysol and Clorox wipes that you wish you'd bought stock in the companies.
7. You are ready, at the drop of a hat, to treat a whole host of ailments - everything from diarrhea to sore throat to constipation - thanks to the vast array of kids meds you have on hand.
8. You lose count of how many times you say "Cover your mouth when you cough!" during the course of a day.
9. You are adept at labeling disposable cups with a sharpie so that no one else inadvertently drinks from the sick kid's glass.
10. You cater to your sick one with large amounts of Sprite, macaroni-and-cheese, and popsicles.

Just a short list... there are many, many more! I'd love to hear yours!


  1. And you have to be a whiz with the Spray-and-Wash, to get all the snot off the sleeves and puke out of carpet.

  2. Oh yes... and you've got to be QUICK with it too, so nothing "sets in"! LOL!

  3. Funny and so true! How about the major mom muscles from holding, hugging, rubbing for extended periods of time, no matter how big they get.