The Highest Praise... words from my son

My oldest son is in the 7th grade. As a part of his Language Arts curriculum he's required to do some amount of writing. I'm always interested in reading what he's written. He's good at putting words together and creating interesting descriptions. I like to think he got that from me!

Today he came home with a "reflective" writing piece. His assignment was to "write a piece about the person who has most influenced you as a writer". He wrote a letter to me.

The opening line of the letter was... "You are the reason I'm such a good writer." I was wowed from that moment on. He went on to describe the speech I helped him write in the 4th grade, and how at the time he thought some parts of it were "silly", but the speech turned out great, and to this day the teachers use his speech as an example for other elementary students who are writing their speeches.

But the heart-melting moment came toward the end of the letter, when he said... "I know you write books and they haven't been accepted yet. They will be soon. When they are, I hope you become the most famous novelist ever."

The waterworks began when I read those words. The writer in me was proud. The mom in me was even prouder.

He understands the importance of the written word. Partly because he's seen how important it is to me, but mostly because he just "gets it". I'm thankful that my example has been a part of his growth as a creative individual with the ability to communicate through words.

And his words of support for my own writing reached deep into my heart and touched a place that had been dormant for a long time.

He amazes and inspires me on a regular basis... to the point that I think he can't amaze and inspire me any more than he already has.

Today he did.

I am blessed.


  1. Awwww. Aren't they just wonderful? What a sweet story. You can tell he really thought about it too.
    That's one of those things that you will always compare other accomplishments to. When you do get published, The first thing you will think of is what he wrote. And what he WILL write.
    Congratulations on having a wonderful little man.

  2. I love this! What a treasure. I'd frame the letter and read it when I was most discouraged (as a parent or a writer).


  3. Aww. That's awesome and brought me to tears. My 8-year-old reminds me all the time how great she thinks it is that I write. She crafts her own little stories and illustrates them, mimicking me. I don't know how often she catches me off guard with a hug or words of encouragement, even at such a young age. Makes me so proud of her.

  4. Thanks ladies! For allt he times his pre-teen, adolescent stuff drives us nuts, there are lots of moments (like this one) when we're so proud of him we could bust! And I will frame it! What I read last night was his rough draft, so he had to take it back to school with him. I told him to be sure to bring it back to me when he got it back from the teacher! And I also told him to bring me the rough draft once he did his final copy, in case his teacher kept the final draft to put in his writing folder that moves with him from grade to grade.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I am always amazed at the things each of those boys do and say. I remember when they were all born & I am so proud of who they are all growing up to be! :)

  6. Yes, you are blessed, and he's blessed to have you. Touching post.